Goal: US$ 2,000,000
Together against COVID-19
BrazilFoundation in Action - Together against COVID-19
We're mobilizing our global network of supporters to support social organizations that are on the front lines combatting the coronavirus pandemic in vulnerable communities. Our 20 years of experience and Our commitment to social transformation in Brazil is fundamental in our response to this crisis.
What your support will help make possible
With your donation, we will support initiatives in the states hit hardest by the pandemic to help them mitigate the damages of the virus in their communities. The initiatives will focus on illness prevention and providing food security, hygienic products, water, financial support and safety for thousands of families.
The organizations chosen for funding
The organizations we choose to receive funding will be part of our network and already working in their locales to combat COVID-19 and mitigate its damages. As criteria for selection, BrazilFoundation will consider each organization's experience, strategic vision for its locale, transparency in management and legitimacy in their community, among others. The organizations must also be located in states and municipalities most affected by the pandemic.

Associação Kanindé - Porto Velho, RO
CENEP - Nova Palmeira, PB
Circo Laheto - Goiânia, GO
Fundação Lar Feliz - Juazeiro, BA
Um Chute para o Futuro - Foz do Iguaçu, PR

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