We need your help. Your donation saves lives.
27 million people in Brazil living in extreme poverty ¹
14 million unemployed ²
Eight in ten favela residents unable to feed their families without donations ³
¹FGV Social | ²PNAD/IBGE | ³CUFA/ Instituto Locomotiva
A donation of US$ 30 is equivalent to one food kit, enough to feed a family for 30 days.
Other ways to help
Corporate donors, families and individuals can support organizations of their choice.
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Other ways to donate
Now is the time to act.
Brazil is currently experiencing its worst moments of the pandemic, with record numbers of daily deaths, healthcare systems collapsing and surging food insecurity. We are asking for your donation to help organizations throughout Brazil once again bring crucial aid to vulnerable communities and families through the distribution of food and hygienic kits.

We responded immediately at the outbreak of the pandemic last year by mobilizing resources to bring humanitarian support to vulnerable communities throughout Brazil. With donations from individuals, business and other foundations, we raised more than US$2.9 million for 65 organizations, benefiting more than 45,000 families with 110,000 food baskets and hygiene kits.

Unfortunately, we still need more help. As the pandemic continues to worsen in Brazil, millions are suffering. Now, more than ever, we need to continue our work. Our goal now is to double the amount we raised last year. We're counting on your support to make a difference at this crucial time.
About BrazilFoundation
BrazilFoundation mobilizes resources for ideas and actions that transform Brazil. We work with local leaders, organizations and a global network of supporters to promote equality, social justice and economic opportunity for all Brazilians. In 2020, BrazilFoundation invested US$ 4.9 million in 143 social organizations across 21 states in Brazil in the areas of Education, Health, Culture, Socioeconomic Development, Human Rights and the Environment.
BrazilFoundation is a non-profit organization, designated as a Public Interest Civil Society Organization (OSCIP, as per its initials in Portuguese) under Law 9.790/99, Ministry of Justice file no. 08071.000389/2004/01, Corporate Taxpayer Registration No. 04.839.572/0001-10. A donation receipt can be issued for donations made in reals. The donor must request their receipt directly from the BrazilFoundation. Since we are an OSCIP, tax incentives are only awarded to businesses taxed on their profits. These businesses can deduct the cosbrt of donations up to 2% of their operating profit. An individual donor may report the amount donated when filing income tax, but will not receive a tax incentive.
Contributions to BrazilFoundation - EIN 13 4131482, a non-profit under Section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Tax Code - are deductible to the full extent permitted by law. Individuals can deduct up to 50% of their adjusted gross income; companies may deduct up to 10% of taxable income, prior to discounting the philanthropic investment. BrazilFoundation provides a tax-receipt acknowledgement of the contribution it receives.
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